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A unique approach for Neuro Developmental Disorders such as Autism, ADHD, ASD, Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Global delay, Language delay & other related conditions.


It is estimated that 26% of children have some type of learning disability.

   Today, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed as autistic. This is an alarming number. The sharp increase that has been seen over the years can be explained by the concept of epigenetics. In short, the term “epigenetics” refers to changes that occur in a population, which in turn change the genetic expression of individuals. The causes of epigenetic changes are environmental factors. Moreover, epigenetic changes seem to increase in intensity with each generation. 


A well-rounded, integrative approach is generally the best way to go.

• We don't just look at the symptoms; we look for the causes to get to the root of the disorder/ condition/ problem.
• We use scientific methods to identify root causes of health issues that your child may be suffering with. 
• We look at factors affecting brain development and function
• We look at neuro-toxins(including heavy metals), diet, nutrition that affects brain development
• Focus on Gut brain axis
• Identify infections such as candida, clostridia, parasitic 
• Cellular Hydration
• Focus on identifying energy blockage

Addressing the root cause with clinically proven methods. 

• We intervene by optimizing nutrition to improve brain development.
• Focus on right kind of GFCFSF diet
• Deep cellular detoxification of the cellular matrix, heavy metals & neurotoxins
• Eliminate chronic infections
• Improve cellular hydration
• Red light therapy for improving mitochondrial function
• Strategies to optimize non native Electromagnetic field (EMF)
• Focus on connecting with mother nature & grounding 
• Supplementation of brain repair nutrients
• Supplementation of brain enhancement nutrients
• Energy healing(Sound healing, Quantum healing)

Parents' Testimonials 

Our journey together

To get to the root cause, we need the following from you:

  • Details of signs & symptoms of your child with complete medical history. Every sign/symptom can help us get insights into what's going wrong in your child’s body. You will be asked to complete a comprehensive form to furnish all the details.

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  • Post review of the comprehensive form, detailed investigations will be advised.  This can include: Laboratory tests (Hair, Blood and Urine) to assess biological factors affecting brain and learning abilities

What we do for you

Once we receive the required investigation reports from you, we evaluate the reports & the medical history, do a root cause analysis & design a personalized treatment plan for your child.

This includes: