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Dr Ashwani’s dream to make a difference in healthcare made him move from clinical practise to healthcare innovations. However, the fact that conventional medicine is keeping patients diseased by abating symptoms, always bothered him. This made him look for sustainable solutions to address today’s healthcare crisis.

Today, importance of nutrition is often overlooked. Nutrition plays a very significant role in keeping the body healthy. In a year, more than 90% of body cells are replaced by new cells, and building blocks for these cells is provided by good nutrition. Inability to provide this, leads to sickness and disease. To revive natural ways to enable body to heal itself, he started Functional Medicine Clinic.

He is also the Founder Doctor Juice, a healthy food line in Bengaluru. He firmly believes that right nutrition can prevent, treat and reverse chronic conditions. 


Dr. Ruhi is actively involved in creating awareness about early detection of breast cancer. Having witnessed an increasing number of young women being detected with breast lumps, she realized that there was a need to educate people about the importance of good nutrition to address and prevent such conditions.


Moreover, with chronic diseases being so rampant, and the way it is being managed today by focussing on the disease rather than the body, pushed her to research about the root cause of diseases and learn about new tools to reverse chronic diseases. This led to the genesis of Functional Medicine Clinic. She is a Co-Founder of Doctor Juice as well. 

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