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About the Recipe

Carrot - Carrot is loaded with vitamin A, C and K. It also contains plant compounds called carotenoids, which act as an antioxidant.
Apple- Rich in Antioxidant “Quercetin”, Aids digestion, Helps in rising progesterone hormone, acts as a mood booster.
Purple cabbage - Purple cabbage is low in calories and high in dietary fiber, thus, it effectively aids in the digestion process. Higher level of anthocyanins, an antioxidant, found in purple cabbage, which lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases. High Vitamin C and A content in it improve and strengthen immune systems.


  • ½ Large celery stalk

  • ½ Lemon (with skin)

  • ⅓ Of a purple cabbage

  • 2 Large carrots

  • 3 Small apples


Run all the ingredients through the juicer and then drink immediately.

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