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Dr Ratika Lihala

Functional Medicine Clinician

Dr. Ratika is a periodontist practising Functional Medicine. She believes that chronic diseases can not be solved by labelling them with a diagnosis and following a universal regime for an individual problem. Moreover, every individual has a specific reason due to which they enter into a stage of chronic bodily derangement and breaking down each problem into its plausible root cause can give a better solution. This attracted her to the multidimensional and multi structured approach of Functional Medicine.

‘The interdisciplinary approach of Functional Medicine takes the best of all forms of health sciences and provides the best solution for any chronic disease. I truly believe and imbibe the wisdom that when an individual understands the root cause of their problem and learns to treat themselves by modifying their lifestyle and nutrition the effects are more long lasting as they move from illness to wellness’.

Dr Ratika Lihala
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