We look beyond symptoms, understand and address the root cause and help you restore health through diet, lifestyle changes and correct supplementation.

Meet Dr Ashwani

& Dr Ruhi 

MBBS, Functional Medicine

Having worked in corporate hospitals and with healthcare innovations, the husband wife duo found their calling in 'wellness' aspect of healthcare. Dr Ashwani Garg and Dr Ruhi Agarwala are Functional Medicine Practitioners. Through the process of detoxification, healing the gut by fixing dysbiosis, bringing hormonal balances and supplementing the body with right nutrition, they help in enabling body to heal itself.

Yes, you heard it right! 

Chronic diseases can be PREVENTED, TREATED and REVERSED!

What We Specialize In

Elimination of Bad Food from Your Diet

Identifying Underlying Root Cause of Your Diseases


Healthy Food


Your Digestive System

Personalized Management  Plan

Identifying Underlying Root Cause of Your Diseases

Eliminating Bad Food from Your Diet


Healthy Nutrition


Your Digestive System

Helping You Achieve Desired Health Outcomes

We treat the whole body, not just symptoms

I think of me as very lucky to find out about Functional Medicine Clinic. I came in touch with Dr. Ashwani when I desperately needed someone knowledgeable to guide me when my loved one was going through Cancer treatment.

His guidance on diet, supplements, Do's and Don'ts supported us to sail through the grim situation with ease and more importantly he filled us with hope that we can reverse the situation.
Dr. Ashwani is first human and then consultant. He feels the Pain of his patients and guides them with patience and time. I am yet to come across a doctor who selflessly keeps the patients interest higher than anyone's else.

Functional medicine is pioneering in India and I am very glad that Dr. Ashwani is one of them. His knowledge in conventional and unconventional modes of treatment is immense and I highly recommend his clinic based on my experience.

- Shalini Arora

Treating a problem with Functional Medicine is long term. And understanding the body and taking a decision is life long. Maximum result will come if we follow the proper diet and analyze how it works for our body. 


I didn't know about Functional Medicine until I had started working on my little one about his gut. Whoever learns and understands about the body and how vitamin, mineral absorption happens then 100 percent we can achieve healthy life with very little or less problems in life.

Dr Garg has helped in understanding various things about my younger son. I am very happy about his way of talking and simple solutions with better impact.

- Anupama K

In our present lifestyle we often compromise eating healthy food and finally end up eating either junk food or food with low nutritional value.


I appreciate the initiative taken by Functional Medicine Clinic. They are creating awareness among people that intake of nutritious food along with healthy lifestyle can prevent many diseases. Within a month I felt the difference. I started feeling hydrated, dry skin rashes disappeared and got rid of dandruff issue. I felt very healthy. 

- Priyanka Paul




          Rheumatoid Arthritis

          Multiple Sclerosis

          Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

          Celiac disease




          Type 2 Diabetes


          Cholesterol Management

          Insulin Resistance

          Weight Loss (Obesity)


          Thyroid Imbalance



          Irritable Bowel Syndrome

          Ulcerative Colitis

          Crohn's Disease


          Acid reflux




    4. FATIGUE



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