We look beyond symptoms, understand and address the root cause and help you restore health through diet, lifestyle changes and correct supplementation.

Dr Ashwani 
& Dr Ruhi 

MBBS, Functional Medicine

Having worked in corporate hospitals and with healthcare innovations, the husband wife duo found their calling in 'wellness' aspect of healthcare. Dr Ashwani Garg and Dr Ruhi Agarwala are Functional Medicine Practitioners. Through the process of detoxification, healing the gut by fixing dysbiosis, bringing hormonal balances and supplementing the body with right nutrition, they help in enabling body to heal itself.

Yes, you heard it right! 

Chronic diseases can be PREVENTED, TREATED and REVERSED!

What We Specialize In

Identifying Underlying Root Cause of Your Diseases

Eliminating Bad Food from Your Diet


Healthy Nutrition


Your Digestive System

Helping You Achieve Desired Health Outcomes

We treat the whole body, not just symptoms



          Rheumatoid Arthritis

          Multiple Sclerosis

          Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

          Celiac disease


          Type 1 Diabetes

          Ankylosing Spondylitis



          Type 2 Diabetes


          High Cholesterol 

          Insulin Resistance

          Weight Loss (Obesity)


          Thyroid Disorders



          Irritable Bowel Syndrome

          Ulcerative Colitis

          Crohn's Disease

          Chronic Constipation

          Acid reflux




    4. FATIGUE


Some of our Success Stories


Type 1 Diabetes

16Y M, Student

      I am extremely happy with the treatment. No medicine, no injections, only diet. After detection of my diabetes, I have evaded taking insulin injection for nearly 3 months now. My HBA1C reduced from 12 to 5. Really happy with the service!


My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in December 2019 and it came as a profound shock to all of us as it was a bolt out of the blue. We were consulting a diabetologist and were also on the lookout for natural ways in which we could supplement his treatment. We found Dr. Ashwani and his approach has been, I must say very helpful and supportive throughout the whole journey. He supports you through making you understand the importance and how you can make small changes in your daily diet and food habits. He is always available for your queries and concerns. We have been more then happy to have been supported by Dr. Garg in this difficult time. My son has now been off insulin in three months time.  His HBA1c has down from 12 to 5. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashwani if you need support and guidance. 


35yr F, Homemaker

      Dr. Ashwani is genuinely dedicated to his profession. He specifically gave me the treatment required for my skin condition and I am thankful to him for treating me. He has shown me the right way of living by helping me to bring changes in my food habits. Keep up the good work doctor. Thank you once again.

Severe Constipation & Colitis

35yr F, Homemaker

     I was been suffering from stomach pain for the last 5 years. I consulted many good doctors but my problem still persisted. They gave me a lot of antibiotic courses & also went through a number of tests but there wasn't any improvement at all. Then I came to know about Dr Ashwani from my friend. He studied my case thoroughly and recommended changes in diet (e.g. no wheat, no dairy products, no milk and addition of millets etc.). He also suggested natural probiotics, cold pressed coconut oil, homemade detox drink after which I started feeling much better and that too without any medicines. Dr. Ashwani is a very remarkable and helpful doctor, I would recommend you all to consult him and I'm pretty sure he will solve your problem.

Insomnia, Stress & IBS

30Y M, IT Professional     

       I had chronic insomnia for months. I tried allopathy, homeopathy & ayurveda. The funny part is that if you have sleep issues, allopathy doctors suggest you to go to a psychiatrist, & they will give you sleeping pills! I got contact number of Dr. Aswani Garg from his website Doctor Juice. I contacted him & shared my medical history. He suggested some dietary changes. And it worked wonders, I started sleeping properly after 3-4 months of chronic insomnia. He told me that problem (Insomnia, TSH variation, and auto immune) is due to POOR GUT HEALTH. I strongly believe that it is an after effect of allopathic H.Pylori treatment I had gone through 2 years back. I consulted many doctors/hospitals but only Dr. Aswani Garg could really understand the root cause and find a proper treatment. I really thank him wholeheartedly for taking a giant step towards the future of medicine which focuses on GUT HEALTH AND MICROBES.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

30Y F, Public Health Professional

      I had been suffering from RA for almost 15 years and I have been taking multiple ranges of drugs from NSAID’s to DMARD’s. I had various side effects ranging from steroid toxicity to increased susceptibility to various infections. But, about 3 months back I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Ashwani & Dr. Ruhi. They suggested me various disease reversal diets, nutrition and herbs etc. based on my condition. The beginning was tough as the old habits die hard. Changing your lifestyle pattern involves several stages. There were roadblocks along the way, there were times when I had arthritis flare-ups. I followed an 80-20 rule in the beginning. Where I ate 80% healthy and left a window for 20% to flow with things I could not give up immediately. It made a world of difference in how I feel.

I hope this was helpful for the readers and hope you open your

mind to all things possible.


26Y F, Engineer

     Western Medicine will have one or the other side effects. But here there are no side effects because the disease is treated and cured naturally. I had PCOS and I was taking Western medicines which lead to side effects. Then I consulted at Functional Medicine Clinic and followed the treatment given by them. Now I am coming out of from my problem. So I recommend this as the best treatment, which will help you get cured without any side effects.