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What if you could work on the root causes of your Autoimmune Condition – instead of fighting an endless uphill battle?

Functional medicine clinic


 or uncertain about what to do


with the lack of support


with the poor quality of life, despite taking medications


about worsening symptoms


(and looking) for alternatives to treat your  condition naturally

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or struggling with symptoms without a formal diagnosis, you may likely be

…then you are at the right place!

Here are some hard facts about Autoimmunity


1 in 10 have an Autoimmune disease

autoimmunity affects women

There are 

autoimmune conditions are increasing

Autoimmune diseases

Some of the most common ones include

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Grave’s Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

 Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis



Sjogren's Syndrome

Over the last decade, some Autoimmune conditions have increased by as much as 300 percent

autoimmune conditions are increasing

Autoimmune disease

  • Affects approximately 1 in 10 people in India

  • Strikes women nearly 4 times as often as Men

  • Believed to become a life-long condition which requires life long care

treatment for autoimmune condition

Conventionally, there is no pill available to cure Autoimmune diseases
because it is a multi-factorial problem.

But the good news is,
If underlying Causes are corrected, Epigenetics is improved, Biology is upgraded, Mitochondria is augmented, 
Autoimmune conditions can be put into remission. 

blog (5).png
treatment for autoimmune condition

Conventional thought considers Autoimmunity as life long disease

Once diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, it is believed that the only option is to manage the symptoms with drugs. 

functional medicine treatment for autoimmune conditions

Functional Medicine addresses root cause of  Autoimmunity

By addressing the factors contributing to Autoimmunity in the body and enabling your body to heal itself, Autoimmunity can be put into Remission

 We don’t blame you!

tired of autoimmune conditions

We understand you!


Shift from Conventional to Functional Medicine Mindset

Conventional medicine is good for stopping attacks by the immune system and managing symptoms with help of pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the immune system, reduce inflammation, or alleviate other symptoms. This is necessary and can provide much needed relief to patients.  

While this can help patients, if you want to restore true health, then you need to figure out WHY the immune system went from functioning normally to attacking your body. This did not occur in a vacuum. Something happened to cause your body to go into this abnormal state of dysregulation. That is the focus of Functional Medicine.  

When the body functions properly, symptoms diminish, and illness is..

no longerpresent &health is restored

Functional Medicine is a systems biology approach that seeks to understand the root cause of illness.

root causes of autoimmune conditions

These are all conditions where the immune system is attacking otherwise healthy cells.  A Functional Medicine practitioner isn’t as concerned with what’s being attacked as much as why the attack is occurring.

most common autoimmune conditions


Spectrum of Autoimmune Disorders

There are many, many disorders caused by autoimmunity.  Some of the most prevalent include the following:


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The immune system attacks the protective covering of nerves (myelin). This creates scar tissue on the nerves and interrupts messages sent along the nerves to the brain and spinal cord.


Hashimoto’s disease

The immune system attacks the thyroid, leading to an underactive thyroid (known as hypothyroidism) and interrupting hormone production.



The immune system attacks tissues and organs. Lupus can affect the skin, kidneys, joints, blood cells, brain, lungs, and heart.


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

The immune system attacks the joints.  The lining of the joints are impacted resulting in painful swelling and joint deformity.  It can also lead to damage in other parts of the body, including the skin, lungs, eyes, heart and blood vessels.


Grave’s disease

The immune system attacks the thyroid, leading to an overactive thyroid (known as hyperthyroidism). This also affects hormone production.



When the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy skin cells, causing inflammation and an accelerated production of skin cells. This results in the buildup of thick, scaly patches on the skin's surface.

What if you...

Had a clearer understanding of the Functional Medicine approach to Autoimmunity

Found out what tests to get, why, and how

​Could use food and lifestyle to calm your immune response

Could understand the root causes behind your Autoimmune condition

Had information and access to tools to fix those root cause

Knew the right supplements and herbs to take for Immune balancing

… Felt empowered to take charge of your own health and recover your vitality?

Book a free discovery call with the Functional Medicine doctors at Functional Medicine Clinic

Functional Medicine Clinic in Bangalore was founded by

Dr Ashwani Garg & Dr Ruhi Agarwala to make Functional Medicine in India available and accessible. Both our Functional Medicine doctors have significant years of experience in the field of Functional Medicine. They have established a beacon of Functional Medical expertise, providing cutting-edge services and innovative treatments to their  valued patients through comprehensive and personalized care.


Under the leadership and clinical guidance of Dr Ashwani Garg & Dr Ruhi Agarwala, the clinical team at Functional Medicine Clinic has treated thousands of patients with autoimmune and other chronic conditions. 

Dr Ashwani Garg Functional Medicine
Dr Ruhi Agarwala Functional Medicine

As  Co-Founders of the prestigious Indian Association of Functional Medicine (IAFM), they play a vital role in driving advancements and advocacy in the field of Functional Medicine. Having trained over 100 practitioners and health coaches in this unique approach, their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in advancing Functional Medicine in India.

We are a leading Functional Medicine Clinic that restores health and quality of life for people not only in Bangalore, India but around the world, particularly through our online Functional Medicine services. We are committed to helping you reach optimal health using Functional Medicine approach that we have developed and refined after years of experience with thousands of patients.

How does the process work?

Thorough Evaluation

Embark on your journey with a comprehensive  health assessment

Root cause analysis

We do a root cause analysis by examining your health history, environmental factors, and lifestyle in combination with comprehensive testing and lab work

Personalized Precision

Recognizing the uniqueness of every individual, we craft personalized care plans tailored precisely to your needs  and aspirations

One-to-one consulation  

The consultations with our team are very detailed to explain you the analysis, plan of action and to empower you on your health journey

heal autoimmunity


Recovery from chronic conditions requires patience and support. Our team will be in constant touch to hand hold you. 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out
Girl with Arms Stretched Out

See what people are saying about our clinical expertise and experience:


Food intolerance


I am extremely grateful to Dr Garg, Dr Agarwala and their team of associated doctors for the massive change in my health, energy levels, weight and wellness.
For years my gut would bleed and over time I developed extreme inflammation, food intolerances, hyperacidity, tremendous weakness, unbelievable weight gain, loss of immunity, anxiety and mental health debilitation.
Many of these symptoms have been either reduced or completely eliminated.
What I love in this process is that everyone is accountable and the quarterly blood tests give proof of the change in our health.


Body pain, food sensitivities


I had numerous chronic health issues. I was suffering from major food intolerances and noone was able to find the reason. FMC did comprehensive test, and found out that I had severe fungal infection and I was nutritionally quite poor. It's been 9months, I am following FMC diet and recommend lifestyle. Infection has reduced a lot, food intolerances have reduced drastically and overall energy has improved. I would recommend FMC for any chronic illnesses. It will take time, but it's worth it. I shall be grateful forever to FMC team for their unique approach and cooperation. I thank especially Dr Somya and Dr Garima for being patient with me.


Sindhura Hindhu
Hashimoto's Lupus Nephritis

I have been diagnosed with lupus nephron form past 6 years. A lot of gut issue, ache pains,constipation, sleep disturbance started. Eating grains, light masala stuff also difficult to digest. I got to know about functional medicine and then I enrolled for a plan with FMC. After following for few weeks, I started noticing improvement in digestive problems, sleep and all others. FMC has been very supportive throughout my journey. Thank you Dr Shefali. She is very supportive and she cleared all my queries on time. She help me when ever struggling for food choices she gave suggestion which are sustainable and healty too. Thank you Dr. Ashwani Garg and his team for helping me to improve my health to live my life at best .

Chandra Mouli
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis,
food sensitivities


Initially. I was suffering from tiredness and something different from normal. Then I took blood report and everything is normal but one of my friend suggested to take blood test on thyroid. I  found my TSH is high. I used thyronorm 25 mcg 2years there is no improvement in reducing anti tpo bodies. I saw a you tube video of functional medicine. I consulted with them. Before treatment my blood report AMA 502 and ATG 290, TSH 7 and uric acid 8.4, after one year treatment now the blood report AMA 129, ATG 260
TSH 2.4 and uric acid 6.97.
Over all improved. When I had doubts, they solved all my problems.Dr garima mam gives suggestion to me.


Abeda Begum
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Multiple Autoimmune conditions, 
food sensitivities

Hi, I would like to tell the sufferers of autoimmune issues that Functional Medicine Clinic is the best place to resolve ur health issues and resolve symptoms. As I hv been suffering with multiple AI conditions I was rigorously looking for my gut treatment in India and who takes accountability for their treatments. Earlier I did treatment with other functional doctors in Dubai, but they cudnt resolve my issues and the big problem is that they cudnt answer my queries during my treatment journey when I had some repercussions of their protocols, that's when I got in touch with FMC. I like the way they support on WhatsApp relentlessly and Dr Ashwani has answered all my queries and the whole team including Dr Ratika was cooperative and patient with me during all my protocols. With multiple IVF failures and miscarriages, my main goal was to deliver a baby. For almost 10yrs I was treating myself with nutritionists, and other functional doctors but no much results. I was always on healthy diets and yoga including AIP diet for 2yrs, but no big results. I had spent lot of money but of no use and was bit hopeless. With GOD'S grace I found online FMC, they didn't promise anything but they gave me the protocols according to my conditions, they helped my body to get rid of many symptoms and improved my gut health. After 6 months I got pregnant naturally by GOD'S grace and delivered a healthy baby. This is a big blessing and miracle in my life as the Docotors said I hv only 10% chances with IVF treatment as my AMH also low. I had atleast 3 AI conditions getting aged was a big challenge for my body to get back. With FMC treatment, I had enhanced life quality in terms of my social life and emotional well being. My work life and my PhD has become easy with my renewed life. I will recommend definitely FMC who are facing AI conditions and endocrine problems. I can give more details if anyone wants further details regarding any doubts in this treatment journey. Infact my sister also got period naturally after 3 yrs with FMC treatment. I'm glad and fortunate to have FMC Bangalore with Dr Ashwani and their whole team. Thank GOD for giving me shifa(correct treatment) with FMC. My anticcp went down from 800 to 35 now. Still I'm working with FMC to stop permanently my thyroid medicine. Im able to manage my RA symptoms without any medication and my anticcp is lot better now. My fibroids are under control. By GOD grace I'm hoping it's possible. FMC team is very flexible with my diet conditions and my own diet trials, which I like the most. Pz give a 3 months protocol shot if u wanna get rid of any autoimmune conditions which are serious problems if u ignore. Praying for good health for everyone.

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