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Allergy Research Group, ButyrEn contains 200mg of Tributyrin complex, the most bioavailable and slow released form of Butyrate to aid in digestive health.



Gut health doesn't stop with pre- and probiotics. Complete your GI health regimen with Butyrate, a beneficial compound that may help maintain intestinal flora and promote colon health.


Key benefits:

  • Butyrate  helps in optimizing gut health.

  • Enhances immune function. The gut is a primary player in the immune system. By supporting the gut lining, butyrate contributes to healthy immune function.

  • Supports the gut-brain axis.

  • TARGETED, TRIPLE BUTYRATE - Tributyrin is a unique fusion of three butyrate molecules attached to glycerol. The butyrate in Tri-Butyrin complex is designed to withstand degradation in the upper GI tract and arrives in the colon, where its effects are targeted.

ButyrEn Supplement - Colon Lining Nutrition, Butyric Acid I 100 Veg capsules

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