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Cordyceps Militaris: Also known as Keedajadi & Yarsagumba, they are the most expensive mushrooms globally, revered for their health benefits.


  • Superfood Status: Cordyceps Militaris is considered a superfood due to its exceptional nutritional profile and therapeutic properties.

  • Immune Support: Known for centuries for its immune-boosting properties, Cordyceps Militaris acts as a natural immune supporter, enhancing adrenal health and scavenging free radicals.

  • Enhancement in liver and lung functions

  • Enhanced sex drive due to enhancement of estradiol-17 and testosterone levels

  • Brings down oxidative stress

  • Lowers tumor development tendencies:  It acts as a nucleic acid antibiotic which may be able to inhibit cancerous cells and contribute to normalization of such cells, as per tests made on rats

  • Ensures better recovery from illness

  • Reduces the effect of cholesterol and brings down blood sugar levels due to the beta glucans present.

  • Energy Boost: Active compounds like adenosine and cordycepin found in Cordyceps Militaris contribute to increased ATP production, promoting vitality, longevity, and physical performance.

  • Pure & Potent: This Cordyceps Militaris supplement contains only pure fruiting bodies, free from GMOs, additives, preservatives, artificial colors, and gluten, ensuring purity and efficacy.


Precautions & Safety:

  • Consult Physician: Individuals who are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, especially glaucoma, should consult a physician before use.


Recommended Adult dosage: 2 veg capsules or as directed by your healthcare professional

Cordyceps Militaris Supplement I 30 Veg Capsules I

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  • This product cannot be returned

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