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Experience the pinnacle of brain health with Daiwa Brain Health Supplement. This has HSOP™  (Hokkaido Scallop Oil Plasmalogen) extracted from Hokkaido scallops in Japan.


Key Ingredient

Plasmalogens are phospholipids found in almost all of our tissues, and they are mostly concentrated in the brain and heart. HSOP™ is an antioxidant, which has an essential role related to memory and protection against aging. Their vinyl ether bond is crucial to brain function, and it can be difficult to source from an average diet. This extensively researched natural compound is scientifically proven to enhance memory, cognitive function, and combat aging effectively. 


Key benefits:

  • Improved Cognitive Function: Plasmalogens are building blocks for neurons that make up brain gray matter. Neurons are cells that process and transmit information in the body. These plasmalogens commonly become deficient with age or in conditions like Autism, Parkinsonism, dementia, etc. 

  • Achieve Greater Memory: Plasmalogens are the lifeblood of our brain, crucial for rejuvenating pathways damaged by oxidation. This meticulously crafted brain fuel supplement is designed to keep minds sharp and in control.


    Anti-Amyloidogenic Effect: Shield your brain cells from relentless oxidative stress with HSOP™. This formula stands as a stalwart defender, combating neuronal cell death, curbing neuroinflammation, and thwarting amyloid β accumulation. Whether grappling with memory loss or striving for seamless cognitive function, this supplement offers the brain cell support you need. 


HSOP™ works wonders by reducing oxidative stress, suppressing neuroinflammation, and preventing amyloid β build-up in the brain. It's your ultimate defense against memory loss and aging, offering unmatched protection and performance.


Whether you're looking for preventive care, daily enhancement, or recovery support, this is an excellent brain health supplement.  


Daily recommended dosage: 1 soft gel daily or as advised by a healthcare professional.

Daiwa Brain Health Supplement I Plasmalogen I 30 softgels

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