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What is liposomal glutathione?

Liposomal glutathione is glutathione wrapped in tiny bubbles called liposomes. This encapsulation allows the glutathione to be more efficiently absorbed and transported directly into your cells, where it can do the most good.


We need glutathione to power our detoxification pathways, support the immune system, produce energy, facilitate gene expression, and empower cellular communication, among other responsibilities.


Key Benefits

  • Free Radical Neutralization: An excess of free radicals can lead to oxidative stress, hindering cellular regeneration and respiration, impairing cognitive function, and weakening the immune system.

  • Detoxification Support: As glutathione is naturally synthesized in the liver, it plays a critical role in detoxifying the body. A concentrated dose of liposomal glutathione can expedite and enhance the detox process in various organs, including the liver and heart.

  • Enhanced Cellular Function: Cellular health is paramount for overall bodily function. Liposomal glutathione can optimize cellular function, promoting better respiration and oxidation.

  • Strengthened Immune System: Liposomal glutathione is integral to fortifying the immune system, aiding the frontline cells in defense against infections and viruses.



  • Weak Immunity

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Degenerative Conditions

  • Chronic Infections

  • Anti-aging 

  • Age-related cognitive decline 

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Degenerative conditions

  • Die-off & Detox reactions


Recommended Adult dose: 1 capsule twice a day on an empty stomach or as advised by your healthcare practitioner. Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.


FM Nutrition Lipo-Glutathione I Liposomal Glutathione I 60 Veg capsules

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