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Hydroptic is a scientifically formulated brand for dry eyes and daily eye care with PREMIUM QUALITY BRANDED LUTEIN & ZEAXANTHIN 10mg/2 mg, STANDARDIZED BILBERRY EXTRACT 25% ANTHOCYANIDINES 100 mg, French Maritime PINEBARK 90% Proanthocyanidins, with GINKGO 24% gingkoflavones enriched with Eye support Vitamins A,E,C and Bioavialable Zinc Bisglycinate. 


On regular use, Hydroptic supports reduction in dry eye symptoms like irritation, sensitivity to light, eye redness, stinging sensation, watery eyes which is the body's response to the irritation of dry eyes, sandy and gritty sensation. GINKGO 24% is vital for dry eyes and health improvide moisturization of eyes.

Hydroptic I Advanced Dry Eyes Care Formula I 30 capsules

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