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Hygeena, is a powerful, all-natural herbal, nutrient based Pueraria Mirifica Suppository supplement to Increase Female Lubrication That Heals And Restores Healthy Vaginal Tissues, Lubrication, And Imbalances. Its powerful natural ingredients are proven to increase female lubrication while targeting the affected vaginal areas directly. It works as a cream for vaginal dryness. 


Hygeena is 100% pure and natural, its ingredients absorb directly into your vaginal tissues which produce optimal vaginal health fast, with unique lubricating and antimicrobial effects. It quickly reduces inflammation, vaginal itching, pain and burning, while at the same time it accelerates tissue repair and healing. When vaginal tissues dry out, your body’s ability to produce adequate fluids and mucous in the vaginal tract have seriously declined. Now you are now much more vulnerable to infections of all kinds, and symptoms of aging start. Hygeena to the rescue! It completely transforms, rejuvenates and heals dry atrophied vaginal tissues, it’s so much more than having great sex again, it’s about waking up to amazing feminine health. Lubricants do nothing to address this, and give only temporary relief.


There are billions of bacteria that live inside of the vaginal tract, not just the gut! Vaginal bacteria is very sensitive to pH, so when you take commercial lubricants or douches, you can be altering the delicate pH of the vagina and creating, like in the gut, an imbalance leading to vulnerability to the bad bacteria that promotes candida for example.


Key benefits

  • Transformative restorative

Hygeena's Vaginal Dryness Suppository is a powerful natural suppository that helps transforms dry atrophied tissues into healthy vaginal tissues, restores lubrication and heals imbalances. Restoring proper functioning back to the vagina is critical for vibrant feminine health.


  • Heals, repairs, lubricates

Hygeena has been carefully formulated with a unique synergy of six all natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients that have been proven to heal, repair, lubricate and rejuvenate vaginal tissue as well as restore a healthy vaginal environment.

  • Stops Pain
  • Stops burning
  • Stops Dryness
  • Reduces Infection
  • Heals Tissue
  • No Irritation


What is Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria mirifica is a plant that grows in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. For over 100 years, Pueraria mirifica has been used in traditional Thai medicine to promote youthfulness and rejuvenation in women. It has phytoestrogen benefits on vaginal tissue, including alleviating vaginal dryness and painful urination, improving vaginal atrophy, and restores thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. Pueraria mirifica, as a phytoestrogen, promotes estrogenic effects but without any of the health risks associated with the prescribed estrogen hormone. Hygeena is formulated with Puresterol®, a patented extract of Pueraria mirifica.



Hygeena Vaginal Dryness Suppositories I 15 suppositories

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