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Indulge in the magic of keto coffee—a blend that marries the richness of coffee with high-fat components, crafted to support a ketogenic lifestyle and unlock an array of potential benefits. At its core, keto coffee boasts two main players: coffee itself and the dynamic duo of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil or coconut oil.


Key Benefits:

  • Boosts Mental Energy and Focus: The fusion of coffee's caffeine punch with the fuel derived from MCT oil or coconut oil delivers a rapid and sustained energy surge for your brain. MCT oil's fats effortlessly transform into ketones, offering an alternative brain fuel that could elevate mental clarity and sharpen focus.
  • Enhances Workout Performance: A pre-workout keto coffee kick can be a game-changer. Caffeine increases alertness and endurance, while MCT oil serves up easily accessible energy, potentially elevating your performance and stamina during exercise.

  • Supports Ketosis During Keto: Embracing the ketogenic journey? Keto coffee steps in as a high-fat hero, helping maintain ketosis by delivering fat-derived energy without derailing your low-carb path.

  • Seamless Integration into Daily Routine: Keto coffee effortlessly slots into your daily ritual, offering a swift and nutritious breakfast solution. Blending coffee with fats creates a creamy, delightful concoction perfect for a swift start.

  • Hassle-Free Preparation: Only hot water is needed to be added. It's ready to drink.            

  • Preservative and Additive-Free, Dairy and Gluten-Free        


Recommended usage: Mix one scoop in a cup of hot water, stir and ready to drink. Add cinnamon powder to make it tastier!

Keto Coffee I MCT Oil I Dairy free I Veg I 250gm

Taxes Included
  • Flat shipping fee of Rs 100/- is applicable on all orders below 2500/-

  • This product cannot be returned.

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