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Rebuild Plant Protein with Phospholipids is a natural, plant-based protein created for those with dairy, gluten, and soy allergies. Combining high-quality Mung and pea protein isolate, each serving offers 20g of protein. Additionally, it includes digestive enzymes to facilitate the conversion of protein into a full spectrum of amino acids, promoting easy absorption.


Why choose Rebuild Plant Protein with Phopsholipids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and the body requires them for various functions, including muscle growth, tissue repair, and hormone synthesis. Protein which can be easily available in amino acid form lead to more efficient nutrient absorption and utilization. Rebuild Plant Protein with Phopsholipids is a perfect combination of plant source protein with phospholipids and digestive enzymes. 


Protein Source: The core infredient is superior mung protein isolate, sourced from mung beans. Known for its exceptional amino acid profile, mung beans offer a potent plant-based protein source, ideal for vegans and vegetarians aiming to boost protein intake. Notably, this protein source is often recognized for its superior digestibility compared to various other plant-based alternatives. 


Non-GMO Phospholipids: Phospholipids constitute the building blocks of cell membranes, playing pivotal role in numerous biological functions and processes within the body.


Digestive Enzymes: A standout feature of this protein supplement is the incorporation of digestive enzymes. These natural compounds aid in breaking down complex molecules, like proteins, into simpler forms such as amino acids. By including these enzymes, the product aims to optimize digestion, potentially leading to improved absorption of amino acids and better utilization of the protein.


In summary, the product combines several appealing elements – the use of non-GMO phospholipids, a high-quality mung protein isolate, the inclusion of digestive enzymes to aid amino acid breakdown, and a focus on taste and vegan-friendliness. These features collectively make the product an attractive option for individuals looking to supplement their protein intake, especially those who follow a vegan diet or have digestive sensitivities.

Key benefits:

  •  Chocolate flavoured Plant Protein
  •  Enriched With Non-GMO Sunflower Phospholipids
  •  Enzyme Support
  •  Delivers Complete range of Amino Acid
  •  Keto Friendly
  •  Complete preservative-free formulation
  •  Sweetened with stevia


​​​​​​​Recommended adult dosage: Add 2 scoops in water or 80-100 ml of any Plant Based Milk, Like Coconut, Almond, Oats Etc, Blend In A Blender. Any fruit can be added to enhance flavour. 

Rebuild Plant Protein with Phopsholipids I Vegan I Chocolate I 500gm

Taxes Included
  • This product cannot be returned.

  • Flat shipping charge of Rs 100/- on orders below Rs 2500/-

    No shipping charges on orders above Rs 2500/-

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