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Trexgenics Natural Resveratrol Plus is a powerful blend crafted to support your holistic well-being and vitality. This formula combines the renowned benefits of Resveratrol with synergistic ingredients for enhanced effectiveness:


Key Ingredients

  • Resveratrol (250 mg): A potent antioxidant known for its role in promoting healthy aging by combating oxidative stress and inflammation. It supports cardiovascular health and may contribute to longevity.
  • Grape Seed Extract (95% OPC, 50 mg): Rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), grape seed extract reinforces the antioxidant properties of resveratrol, promoting cellular health and circulation.
  • Pomegranate Extract (40% ellagic acid, 50 mg): Packed with ellagic acid, pomegranate extract offers additional antioxidant support and may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, supporting cardiovascular function.
  • Red Wine Extract (50 mg): Harnessing the benefits of red wine without the alcohol, this extract contains polyphenols like resveratrol, promoting heart health and cognitive function.*

Together, these ingredients form a comprehensive formula that not only supports healthy aging but also contributes to cognitive function, glucose metabolism, and fat metabolism, helping you maintain vitality and overall wellness.


Key Benefits

  • Cognitive Well-being: Provides support for brain health, contributing to mental vitality and clarity.
  • Oxidative Stress Defense: Acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress, fortifying your body's resilience.
  • Blood Pressure Support
  • Versatile Health Support: Resveratrol exhibits anticancer, antimicrobial, neuroprotective, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, and blood-sugar-lowering properties.


Directions For Use: Consume 1 veg. capsule daily, post meals, or as advised by a healthcare professional.


Resveratol 250mg I 30 Veg capsules

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