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About the Recipe

Looking for a healthy yet tasty sweet which can be ideal for the festive season too?
Let's check out the recipe which you can thoroughly enjoy!!


  • 1 ½ cup finely grated peeled beetroot

  • ½ tsp green cardamom powder

  • 10-12 soaked cashews

  • 100 ml almond milk

  • 50 ml water

  • 1 cup pitted dates, ground into a paste

  • 8-10 almonds, thinly sliced

  • 3 tbsp ghee


  • Heat the iron pan, add 2 tbsp ghee.

  • Sautee the grated beetroot with cardamom powder for 5-6 minutes.

  • Blend the cashew nuts with the water to make a thick creamy mixture. Add this to almond milk and the ground dates.

  • Pour this mixture into steamed beetroot and mix well. Stir it till the milk dries up & beetroot is completely cooked.

  • Add 1 tsp extra ghee on top of it to enhance the taste

  • Transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with the slivered almonds. Chill before serving.

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