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Gluten free chocolate cake

About the Recipe


🍮Any gluten free flour (Amaranth flour) 1 cup,

🍮 Aluminium free baking powder and baking soda 1tbsp 🍮 Pinch of pink salt, 1table spoon cocoa powder, olive oil or peanut butter (which ever is available)

🍮 Walnuts, 5-6 pieces of deseeded dates and

🍮 50gms sugar free chocolate 🍫

🍮2 spoon freshly ground flax seed powder. Mix in water and keep.


🍮Sieve the amaranth flour with, cocoa powder baking powder and soda.

🍮 Add dates in warm water and then churn it in a mixer.

🍮 Melt the Chocolate .

🍮 Take half the melted chocolate, add olive oil or peanut butter 3/4 cup.

🍮 Add some warm water and blend it all together with the flax seed powder paste and dates using hand blender and when you see the froth

🍮 Slowly add the flour then some very finely chopped nuts and keep mixing

🍮Grease the cake tin, dust cocoa powder to it, add the flour mixture (if it is little thick use warm water to it)

🍮 Now bake it at 180degree, pre heated oven.

🍮 When the baked cake is out, flip it out from the cake tin and now spread over the remaining melted chocolate 🍫 and add chopped walnuts

Keep it in the fridge for an hour

Enjoy the richness and awesome taste ❤️

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