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Lauki makhana cashew kheer

About the Recipe


Ingredients are available in the instructions below.


🔅Lightly roast 1cup makhana(foxnut) with 1tbsp ghee and coarsely grind them.

🔅 Soak 25 cashews and grind them to paste.

🔅 2 cups Grated lauki(bottlegourd).

🔅 Soak a few strands of saffron in 1tbsp lukewarm water.

🔅 Slightly saute the lauki in 2tbsp ghee.

🔅 Add a pinch of pink himalayan salt and steam it for 10mins.

🔅 Add coarsely grounded makhana and 1cup freshly extacted coconut milk. Let it boil. 🔅 Now add saffron and cashew paste. Let it simmer for 10min.

🔅Add soaked dates puree or jaffrey powder.

🔅Once it thickens, add another cup of coconut milk, stir and add freshly ground nutmeg or cardamom powder.

The kheer is ready. Serve chilled ❤️

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