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Mishti doi

About the Recipe

Mishti Doi is a traditional ✨Bengali dessert and is made on religious and festive occasions.
This Healthy addition from our home chefs, who work really hard to present amazing recipes for you, is going to satisfy your taste buds ❤️




⚜️Take little almond milk warm it in a pan

⚜️ In a bowl keep the stalks of green chili (2-3)and also cut a green chili🌶️

⚜️Now pour the warm almond milk in it and keep it for at least 7-8 hours

You will see it curdled and becoming curd for making "Mishti Doi "

⚜️Boil 200ml of Almond milk in a pan

⚜️ While boiling add soaked saffron mixture.

⚜️ Put off the flame and add coconut jaggery or any Jagger or your choice.

⚜️ Take an earthern pot, add a little of curd (which we made using chilli)

It is preferred to use earthern pot but you can use any pot of your choice.

⚜️ Pour the boiled almond milk with saffron and jaggery mixed (which is already ready)

⚜️ Keep it for 4-5 hrs, depending on the weather

Your "Mishti Doi" is ready!

Garnish it with pistachios... And enjoy it cold.... 🙂

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