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Sattu and coconut ladoo

About the Recipe


1. One cup Sattu flour (roasted chana flour)

2. One cup grated coconut (fresh)

3. Ghee

4. Dry fruits (almonds, walnuts, pistachios)

5. Dry coconut powder

6. Cardamom powder


🌸Take ghee in a pan and roast all the dry fruits. Then grind it in a mixer and keep aside.

🌸 Put little more ghee in the pan, stir sattu for 5mins, not too much because sattu is already made of roasted gram.

🌸 Put it in a bowl, mix the grated coconut and the roasted dry fruits and cardamom powder

🌸 Let it cool. Make laddu/peda giving a shape by pressing it between your palms.

🌸 Dust it with dry coconut powder

Enjoy the laddu only with sweetness of 🥥 coconut

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