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Foxtail millet dosa veggies sambar + chutney

About the Recipe

Millets are highly nutritious🌾They are considered to be the most easily digestible grains available.
It contains blood-sugar balancing healthy carbohydrates. Its iron and calcium content also helps strengthen immunity.
What more? It helps regulate your blood cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol levels in your body.


  • One cup of foxtail millets

  • Half cup of urad dal and some fenugreek seeds


✨ Soak one cup of foxtail millets in a bowl and in a separate bowl soak half cup of urad dal and some fenugreek seeds .

✨Rest for almost 6 hours

✨ Grind all the ingredients and keep it for fermentation.

Keep it overnight for good results and tasty fluffy dough😋

Enjoy this completely healthy breakfast with your favourite chutney or curry 🍛

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