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Foxtail millet paratha

About the Recipe


Foxtail millet


Chopped onions


Kasuri methi

Carom seeds (Ajwain),

Rock salt 🧂

Turmeric powder

Cumin powder (jeera powder)



🫐 Soak foxtail millet for 4-6 hrs and then make it simply by putting it in boiling water and let it cook 🫕.

Some do's and don'ts here: It's important to soak millets for enough hours to ensure easy digestion by our stomach.

Millets should be open cooked and not pressure cooked to avoid damaging it's nutrients. Take only enough water to boil the millets so that it's soaked and there is no excess water to discard. Foxtail millet: Water ratio=1:2

🫐Finely chopped onions🧅, ginger, kasuri methi🍃, carom seeds (Ajwain), rock salt 🧂, turmeric powder, cumin powder (jeera powder)

🫐 Mash the boiled foxtail millet and mix with all the above ingredients and put a little (1 tablespoon) Besan to it.

🫐Flatten it by pressing under a rolling pin and put it on Tawa, add ghee.

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