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Instant foxtail millet dosa

About the Recipe

Millets are highly nutritious🌾They are considered to be the most easily digestible grains available. Since millet does not contain gluten, it is a wonderful grain alternative for people who are gluten-sensitive.

Just like every health enthusiasts, our home chefs are also considerate in what they eat and share with you❤️


❇️3 cups of foxtail millet flour, 1 cup of red rice flour

❇️1 cup of sago(sabudhana)


🎀Pressure cooked sago and allow it to cool.

🎀 Mix the flours with sourcurd and Himalayan salt.

🎀Season it with mustard, jeera, ajwain and mormilagai(it's a sundried chilli kept in butter milk)

Dosa turned out awesome👌🏻

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