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Millet vegetable pulao/ biryani

About the Recipe



🍃 Wash and Soak brown top millet for minimum 6hrs. This is to ensure easy digestion of the fibre and proteins contained in it

🍃Rinse it with your fingers once.

🍃 Add the rinsed millet to boiling water, do not stir with spoon as it tend to break easily and releases starch to form sticky mass. Ratio of brown top millet to water is 1:2. That means for 1cup brown top milllet, take 2cups of water

🍃 Lower the flame 🔥 cover and cook

🍃 Switch off the flame when holes appear in the surface of water 💦 and water is reduced

🍃 Keep it covered for 10 to 20 minutes

🍃 Stir when it cools down a little

🍃 Stir fry all the veggies and sprouts and added cooked millets and ghee on the top

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