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Ragi momos

About the Recipe

Here's something delicious and healthy!
Indian healthy snack 🍽️made out of ragi flour and filled with nutritious veggies🥬🫑 making it delicious and tasty. It makes an amazing starter recipe for parties 🎉


🥟 Ragi flour, you can take Sorghum or Pearl millet flour, Sorghum (Jowar), Pearl millet (Bajra) 50gms.

🥟 For filling :

-Grated capsicum

-Grated cabbage

-Grated ginger

-Crushed garlic


🥟Take a pan add all the veggies in olive oil and saute along with chilli flakes, salt and pepper.

🥟Make the dough.....

1cup ragi : 1cup water.

Take a pan add water to it & put 1teaspoon of olive oil and pinch of salt.

🥟Let the water boil.

🥟 Add Ragi flour or any gluten free flour in the boiling water and keep churning

🥟You will see the water gets completely absorbed.

Keep it down and give it nice press with your hands make the dough.

🥟 Take small balls of the dough, add filling of veggies and put it in a momo steamer....

🥟Steam it for 5mins and serve with chutney.

For chutney :

🍅Take Tomatoes and roast it in the 🔥

🍅 Put it in mixer along with mint leaves and coriander leaves, salt.

🍅Blend it and take it out in a bowl. Adding chili is optional..

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