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Thali - complete meal ( boiled millets +veggies dal + salad)

About the Recipe

Healthy Eating is not about calorie counting or cutting on food portions. It is about including right, positive, non-inflammatory foods in our diet.
💡 Switching to millets in place of polished white rice is one easy switch!
💡Foxtail Millet has the longest history of cultivation among millets in India, but today it might need an introduction to many of us.
💡It is one of the five positive millets
💡Gluten free, rich in dietary fibre, protein & healthy macros, this millet can be adapted in various Indian recipes. It is known as Kangni (Hindi), Navane (Kannada), Thinai (Tamil), Kang(Gujarati) & Rala (Marathi).


  • 1 cup of foxtail millet

  • pinch of salt


🍽️ Soak it for 4 hours.

🍽️ Wash it thoroughly.

🍽️ Boil 3-4 cups of water for 1 cup of foxtail millet. Can add a pinch of salt.

🍽️ Drain any excess water.

And woa! Its ready to be eaten with dal or curry or sambhar!

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