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Shalini Chakraborty

Health Manager | Clinical Nutritionist

Shalini is a Nutritionist by profession with 8+ years of rich work experience. She is highly equipped with first-hand knowledge on how to assess an individual's nutritional needs. She possesses a successful and proven track record of promoting healthy eating habits in people and suggesting them relevant dietary modifications for wellbeing. She manages the Hormone Reset Program-our flagship program exclusively for women to help them balance their hormones.

‘Having worked in multispeciality hospitals, with cancer care patients and maternity care, gave me the experience to create an impact with nutrition in almost all kinds of conditions. But, when I got to know about Functional Nutrition, I was amazed about another dimension of nutrition which is not taught or spoken about in mainstream nutrition. I now have the tools to reverse chronic ailments like diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorder, hormone imbalance and many more’.

Shalini Chakraborty
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