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Swap the white rice with foxtail millet in your meals

Are you busy counting your calories the whole day or as you plan the meals for the week?

Healthy Eating is not about calorie counting or cutting on food portions. It is about including right, positive, non-inflammatory foods in our diet like the various types of millets.

Why millets should be included in the diet:

  • Switching to millets in place of polished white rice is one easy switch!

  • Foxtail Millet has the longest history of cultivation among millets in India, but today it might need an introduction to many of us.

  • It is one of the five positive millets

  • Gluten free, rich in dietary fibre, protein & healthy macros, this millet can be adapted in various Indian recipes. It is known as Kangni (Hindi), Navane (Kannada), Thinai (Tamil), Kang(Gujarati) & Rala (Marathi).

Benefits of Foxtail Millet:

  • Rich in Vitamins & minerals: Loaded with iron, calcium, proteins, and Vitamin B12.

  • Diabetes control : It has a low glycemic index and thus an excellent substitute for white rice & wheat.

  • Heart-healthy: It helps to regulate blood pressure, reduces LDL & keeps the heart healthy.

  • Rich in Antioxidants: Helps in fighting diseases & boosts immunity.

  • Anti-ageing: Rich in amino acids, this helps in collagen formation, keeping your skin healthy and young.

Method to cook foxtail millet:

  • Wash it thoroughly.

  • Soak it for 5-6 hours.

  • Rinse once before cooking

  • Boil 3 cups of water for 1 cup of foxtail millet. Add a pinch of rock salt and very little ghee (optional).

  • As you see the water boiling, add the soaked foxtail millet.

  • As it gets cooked, you will see holes getting created on the surface. It is a sign that it is almonst done. Decrease the flame.

  • Switch it off once all the water is used.

  • And woah! It's ready to be eaten with dal or curry or sambhar!

Check out the other millets that you should include, in our Millet recipes section.

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