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Tempting Colourful Salad

Salad shouldn't be boring! It should be something you look forward to.

This nutrient packed salad is an easy and juicy one with homemade salad dressing. Often salads are loaded with market bought dressings which are high in preservatives & additives. Let's keep our salads clean.

This recipe was shared by one of our clients and we couldnt wait to share with all of you!


  • 1 small beetroot

  • 1 carrot

  • Half capsicum

  • 4 spring onion

  • For dressing: half lemon juice, rock salt & black pepper

  • Soaked sunflower & pumpkin seeds


  • Grate beetroot & carrot

  • Finely chop capsicum into small pieces

  • Finely chop spring onion

  • Mix the contents of dressing

  • Mis all the contents

  • Garnish with soaked sunflower & pumpkin seeds

And the juicy antioxidant, carotene and nutrient rich salad is waiting for you.

At Functional Medicine Clinic , we help people reverse their chronic diseases, by addressing the root cause and be healthy & vibrant again!

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