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Foxtail Millet Dosa

At Functional Medicine Clinic, we are passionate about educating and empowering people to improve their health and reverse their chronic conditions. One of the important tools of Functional medicine is Food which plays a very important role. The conscious changes we make in our food habits, impact our health in a big way!

For many chronic conditions, going Gluten free is required and one needs to switch to gluten free healthier grains.

Check out this mouth watering recipe of Foxtail millet Dosa.


  • 1 cup foxtail millet

  • 1/4 cup urad dal

  • 1/3 cup red rice poha

  • Few methi seeds


  • Wash foxtail millet thoroughly.

  • Soak it along with methi seeds for 5-6 hours.

  • Grind it. Can use the water in which the millet was soaked.

  • Soak red rice poha for 30 minutes before grinding.

  • Ferment the batter overnight then add salt & water to required consistency.

  • Heat a cast iron pan

  • Grease it with half onion

  • Pour a ladle of batter and spread. Put some cold pressed coconut oil. Once one side is cooked, flip it and cook the other side.

  • Serve with your favourite chutney and sambar.

Isn't this an awesome recipe to include foxtail millet in your diet!

At Functional Medicine Clinic, we help people reverse their chronic diseases, by addressing the root cause and being healthy & vibrant again!

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